Inside-out, don’t sit down

As is goes, the life of Super Woman is never too dull – unless you are Super Woman lacking the super powers, and the invisible jet and all the super hero perks. I guess that makes me just plain woman with the occasional super?

Lately, with the beginning of a new educational pathway, I’ve been feeling less super and more exhausted with this new schedule added to the daily routine of living, working full-time, wife, mom, taxi cab. I fall asleep studying. I feel like a word junkie writing patient notes without sounding like a babbling fool throwing around medical terminology in a cascade of lists that sound more like I’m reading from a dictionary of nonsense.

This morning, coming off a weekend of sleep, school, study, write papers and repeat, the alarm clock was the last thing I wanted to interrupt my morning. I honestly let it go until the last possible minute and jumped into clothes, ripped the kids from their beds, brewed a single cup to go of coffee and ran out the door screeching to the punch clock in time before I was actually considered LATE!

On my first bathroom break, I was staring blindly at the stall door when I glanced down and …….. “OMG” came silently out of my mouth!!! In my haste of wanting more sleep on fewer hours – I had put my under wear on not only INSIDE OUT but also BACKWARDS! Granted it was dark when I got dressed but still – how tired do you have to be???

Seriously, inside out and backwards – that deserves a medal right??

Then later on, I went to sit down in the break room to drink coffee and was startled awake by laughter. The only problem with this scenario was, I don’t even remember closing my eyes?? My friend next to me said, “You weren’t snoring but “You did fart!” I was mortified! The she said, just kidding – you didn’t.

Clearly yesterday was a day that I definitely needed more rest!!

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Dinner Time Success!

Quick – Easy – Simple- and I got a thumbs up from one of the kids!

If you need a  quick side meal – you know, in a rush, short on time,
too tired, suffering from the flu, racing against the end of the world
– you get the picture! I had my youngest help with the Rice,
since you can make it in a sauce pan and in less than 20 minutes – we had dinner!

Kielbasa with Spanish Rice (Knorr Fiesta Side)

1 bag of Knorr Fiesta Side Spanish Rice
1 Kielbasa
a few shakes of salt
a few shakes of pepper
a few shakes of taco seasoning
a few shakes of garlic powder

I followed the direction on the bag for the rice. Added the extra seasoning almost at the end of the
cooking time (it cooks in 7 minutes). I added a bit more water and gave it 3 more minutes. In
a frying pan, I steamed the fully cooked Kielbasa for 5 minutes or until
heated through. Sliced and halved the meat, added it to the rice and let it stand for a
few minutes to blend the flavors.

Each kid ate it no problem ! I also added a small salad, cheese quesadilla as a side for the youngest.
Easiest, quickest meal to date. Honestly, it may not be the healthiest – but it went over
without any fussing about “ew, gross”!


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If you can learn to appreciate the small things then the big things will be an even sweeter celebration! (my thought for the night after a 14 hour work/school day)

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I really am O.C.D.!!!

Hold this image in your head:

A piece of white copier paper with information xeroxed on it. Now the information that is xeroxed on it is not straight.
It is a copy of a copy and the copy was crooked.

This morning, like most mornings, the alarm clock went off at 0445. On a typical morning, I am so exhausted
from the day prior that I hit snooze until 0545 and then it is a mad dash to get myself and 2 kids ready to walk out the door within the hour. This past week however, I had one more kid to get up in the mix because it was his first week of work.
It was pure chaos.

So this morning, I am off. And of course, I had the opportunity to sleep in just a smidgen later.
Was that the case? Nope. Alarm went off and my inside voice beat me to the punch – I say the Angel and the Succubus. The good girl in me said, “Quick, get out of bed before you turn off the alarm.” Stupidly, I agreed and hopped out of bed to begin a list of things that I have been unable to accomplish during the week due to my new work/college schedule.

Here comes the paper.

I plaster kid schedules on the fridge, in my wallet, by word of mouth and reminders from
the kids themselves. It is essentially any way and any where  I might hopefully remember. I even send myself text messages. I have had 2 mishaps already but thankfully, great friends played back up parents. It is a balance game – like every other parent in the world – do what you can to make it work.

Recently, my youngest was given a schedule of drinks/pep stand parent “volunteers.”
It was a copied piece of white paper. This morning, in my kitchen cleaning frenzy, I noticed said paper. It was crooked on the fridge under a magnet. I went over to the paper and straightened it – well tried. It wasn’t the paper that was crooked – it was the information on it that was transcribed (copier copy) askew.

I had a panic attack. Literally.

My heart started to race. My breathing quickened. I felt a moment of sheer panic and what the heck!
There was no way I could get it to symmetrically sit on the fridge without making the paper hang in some odd position. For what seemed like an eternity, I stared at this desperately trying to rectify this problem. There was no way I could look at this. Then the caffeine in my coffee finally kicked in and said, “Hey dumbass – get a pair of scissors!” And like magic – I cut straight lines, trimmed edges and presto – a straight piece of paper set neatly under a magnet to remind me of my “volun-told” contribution of items and/time.

I tell you what – the world is much better right now but for a minute – it was touch and go :)

Happy Friday!!

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The memories are as fresh as that day …

Every year I’ve posted about 9-11. It means so much to so many – those of us here and those of us away, suffer in a solitude that beckons to remain quiet until Pandora’s box is opened and the images are allowed to rush forward in a succession of crashing waves.

Like the first day, I see the stains of red and the scars; feel it deep in my bones. While I may not have lost someone who I knew that day – my own story has a soul of its own – and a gentle reminder as I stare at the now grown child who was but a toddler the day it all transpired. I know all the could have been’s meant nothing if it was our time but I thank the Universe every year this day is born that selfishly, my husband does not bear the burden of anguish with the possibility of losing both a wife and son on the same morning.

Our flight could have very well been one of those fated flights – a reality that is all too real when I close my eyes and awaken, traversed to a time that held a gorgeous blue sky, a crisp morning’s air and a hell unlike any that we had yet to experience unfolding like a nightmare that even cold water wouldn’t pull us away from.

Tomorrow is 9-11. Tomorrow is painful. Tomorrow I will cry for those who went bravely before us. Tomorrow I will remember the innocent. Tomorrow I will think of the courage and whisper silently into the morning’s air – Let’s Roll. Tomorrow is our sorrow – Tomorrow is 9-11. Let us Remember.

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