Lazy Cookie Cake

As recipes go, this is a fast and quick dessert that even me, the NON-Baker, can accomplish with ease. I first saw this recipe on Facebook a few days ago and just made it today – yes, can I say – YUM! I’ve already paired a sample with a nice French Roast coffee and I assume it would be delish with Vanilla Bean ice cream.

So don’t fret if  you aren’t a baker – this is almost fool-proof! Happy Baking!!!


1 box of Yellow or White Cake Mix
2 eggs, beaten
2 cups of chocolate chip morsels
5 Tbsp of butter


In a separate bowl, beat two eggs. Melt the butter.
Place cake mix contents into a bowl (*Do NOT follow box directions for cake*)
Add the eggs and melted butter to cake mix.
Last, add morsels.
Mix the contents of the bowl until well mixed.
Spread in a greased 9×13 pan and bake at
350’F for 20 minutes.
Let cool once removed from oven


I found another recipe that uses one stick of butter. So you can use 5Tbsp or 1 stick and the results are the same.
My oven is electric and runs hot so the bottom of the cake had a darker browning, very
similar to a cookie but was a titch crumblier – you may want to adjust the time by a few
minutes less if your oven runs hot. I also used a glass baking dish.


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Best part of raising a teenager on the brink of freedom with his driver’s permit waiting to translate into a real boy’s driver’s license is listening, with partial amusement and partial annoyance, as he conveys and debates his argument as to why he should be allowed to come and go as he pleases on a school night. He presented his point on how I should “structure” our relationship based upon established, successful business ventures, ie, other parents in his friend’s group, in order to accommodate a peaceful agreeance for both parties, teenager and parent.

While I appreciate his thought process -future lawyer in training – I trumped his argument with “I’m the dictator and I will listen to your opinion but ultimately, I have the power to Nay it.”

Man, give the kid a glimpse of the future and he is 10 miles ahead of that yard~!! :)

Thank Heavens for Wine and Chocolate and Bedtime on a School Night!!!

I think it's time we had a new Dad around here. When does your term of office expire? Sorry Calvin, I was appointed Dad for life. For life?! What about a recall vote? What about impeachment? There are no provisions for either. Did you write this constitution yourself or what? Well, your mom helped some too.

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We didn’t have that BRA in black!

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of taking a little lass to go bra shopping for the first time. Now, any woman knows that this ordeal, first time around, or maybe the hundredth time can be overwhelming. There are the sizes, the colors, the cuts – the daunting choices consume a person in the lingerie department.

Now take the adult version, skim it down to say, tweenish, and you are in a department store that isn’t blessed with “just for girls” sections. We find this lovely young lady who assists us with sizes, etc and then shows us the dressing room while she goes in search of a few other “better”, more comfortable choices.

My daughter is clutching the feminine wear like it is a top secret document as she awaits her turn in the dressing room. As the stall door opens, a boy about her age exits and she looks to the ground and rushes inside. I stand outside the door, adjacent to the room giving her some privacy.

It is taking a few minutes and I ask, “Are you okay?”

She replies with “I’m fine.” and I step back into the main portion of the store. The ever helpful employee returns, and with a voice not quite a whisper, announces, “We didn’t have that bra in black but we have these ones.” She hands me the newer styles and I think nothing of it, shoving them under the door to my daughter. She snatches them like hot cakes, mumbling thanks.

After we finished, we proceed to checkout – new feminine undergarments in my grip now. And who waits on us? A young male, likely not much beyond 18-20 years of age. My daughter’s eyes grew wide with embarrassment as he took her garments, touching each tiny article of clothing and placing them in the bag. 

When we left the store, she looked at me and said, “Well that was embarrassing!” 

I found it rather amusing but to ease her pain, I simply smiled and said, “Yep.”

Oh to tell her this is only the beginning!

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Any Operating Room Technicians In Need of a Job?

I received this in my email and as I am currently in a position that requires me to stay put in my job, I thought I’d share the travel company post that was sent to me August 5th. It came from Favorite Staffing!

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Operating Room Techs needed for 12 weeks

Tom’s River Surgery Center – Tom’s River, NJ

$29/hour (Travel Stipends Available)

Seeking ORTs/CSTs with 2+ years experience – STRONG ORTHO EXPERIENCE

Must have current BLS/CPR

Hours are Mon-Fri 8 hour days (will consider 4-10hour days)

No weekends & No Call

If interested, please call 856-321-0905 or 1-800-656-7517

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If you give a mom a minute ….

If you give a mom a minute,
she will want to sit down
But then she will find out
that the schedule is dwindling out
Then she will leave work early,
happy as a clown.
But when she gets home,
She finds Chaos Unwound
So she starts barking orders
to children to finish their chores.
One child doesn’t agree
and mom sends her to her room.

Then mom remembers, she has to start dinner.
When she starts dinner,
she has two burners going,
one with water, the other with the beginning of
pasta gravy.
She stirs.
While she stirs, one kid comes in to say the mower
won’t start so she turns the burners to low.

Then mom goes outside to fix the mower.
While she looks over the mower,
She notices that the oil is low, so she adds some.
Then the mower starts.
Mom goes back inside and begins to chop the veggies,
But the boy comes inside to say the mower is smoking.
Then mom goes out to see and does a few things,
The mower goes again.
Mom goes back inside.
Mom stirs the pot again and watches the water.
The boys comes in and says there is a lot of smoke.
Mom tells him to stop mowing.

Then the neighbor comes barreling into the house
from the garage, unannounced and panicked.
She sees mom at the stove and the children just fine,
But, she says “she saw plumes of smoke
and thought mom’s house was on fire”,
But when she sees it is all fine and was only the mower,
She apologizes and says goodbye.

Mom turns off the stove and
goes to empty the oil from the mower.
Mom asks the boy to hose off the mower
while she scrubs oil from the garage floor.
When mom is done, she goes inside.
Mom turns the water back on.

And while she waits for the water to boil,
she goes outside to fuss with the mower,
And when the mower starts,
She tells the boy to finish the mowing
While she finishes the supper.

The next time mom has a minute,
she should just drink wine
and let the house stay a mess.

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