We are what we tell ourselves

Lipstick and Chaos:

Thought about this last week – everything I wanted to say in a post was essentially summed up in His .. so I am sharing this. Be good to you – you are the only you in this lifetime!

Originally posted on tattoos, patriotism, and parenting:

I have a bachelor’s degree from an online school, from which I graduated while deployed to Afghanistan, people say it’s not good enough. I grew up in a trailer on the wrong end of town, people say I’ll never be enough; i finish with an MBA in 3 months, with honors, again from an online school while deployed away from my family here in the United States.

Some days I don’t believe I’ll find a better job than head silverware roller at Applebees,  but one day, I will be a division head for John Deere. Don’t let your past, your upbringing, your lack of money, predisposition to eating your kids Halloween candy, stop you from finding your place. Hell with finding it, MAKE IT!!! You are what you want to be and where you want to be because that is what you choose to accept…

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  1. thanks for putting this out there! if we can teach ourselves to love ourselves our children will see it and take it with them to their’s–j

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