Winding Down

I feel like the duct tape was removed unceremoniously from my mouth and my hands unbound – words shoving like wild-eyed children in the heat of summer and the community pool just opened – We’re FREE!!!

I shut down all of my blogs a while back – it was too much pressure, let down if you will, that I couldn’t formulate a keen thought or original idea; compound that with the demands of a full-time job, part-time (although full-time demands) in nursing school as well as the regular chaos that chants loudly in my already over-scheduled life – it felt a lot like drowning in my craft.

Truth be told – I decided that I’d give her a go again because the semester is winding down and the urge to shout from the rooftop is growing – gaining speed and demanding release. It feels freeing – the same reason I write anything – my soul swells and rejoices in the birth of ideas. Or maybe I prefer to watch my fingers whirl across the keyboard, creating a harmony of sounds with each stroke-tap-delete!

So, short and sweet because after all – a girl has work to do you know – thanks for sticking around and having a heartfelt understanding – even if you barely noticed I was gone! My fingers, my soul and my big brain of bouncy ideas say “Sweet Hallelujah!”

(ps, the erotica site is still down -for now)

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Happy Happy Friday …. Shake It Off!!!

I love whoever had the time, willpower and enormity of resources to find this gem and then overlay it!!!

Shake off that rough week -oh and feel free to aerobercise!!!!

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Quiet words but abundant thoughts

Life goes about divvying up our time; there is work, there is sleep, there is child-rearing. Then it brings in housework, which honestly, who has time with messy kids in the house, then there is laundry – let’s face it – if you sniff it and it passes, it can get worn again so just fold it up and put it away.

Every day is, in whole – some form of a chore and by bedtime, we hope that we’ve at the least, remembered to tell the kids to clean behind their ears and brush their teeth because we, or at least I, have given up on forcing them to eat their broccoli!

So in the balance – it’s a seesaw; sometimes the weight gets too heavy and it tips off-kilter.

Now, with the magic of “seesaw” living, I’ve added school to my mix. And not school, as in the required form that the kidlets attend daily, no – it is re-education for me. And ee gads – what a journey this is set up to be. Classes and weekends and hours of studying to take exams that in the beginning I thought passing with a “C” would be acceptable, until I received an “A”. Now, a “C” is what I will accept if I’ve not studied enough but I still get hot-mad at myself for that grade. Yes it is passing but it’s like good sex, once you’ve had it – you would like to repeat it over and over and over again – sigh – but I digress.

In all, though, I have minimal time for writing – the one true passion outside of the obvious mom/wife role. I feel so naked and afraid without the words on paper. Now sure, I’ve had to submit papers already. We actually submit them quite often but they are factual and filled with assessment details and medical lingo – none of it is freeing and fancy and fun and filled with clouds of whimsy. I find it dry – a trite boring, albeit necessary but entirely a “yawn.”

I stole a few moments today to breathe life into a blog that feels as if it is suffocating a slow death, one that I may just dismantle for a while, or leave to sit dormant in hopes that someone may stop by for a read, a laugh, a cry or a recipe. Either way, it felt good to write and say a few verses that had nothing to do with numbers or terms – complete free verse. And while I am paving a new journey for a better tomorrow, I can tell you that the abundant thoughts that stampede through my mind are the furthest thing from the topics that  I must jot notes upon.

It is one more hat added to the many I already wear – and with it, quiet words run wild, never finding time to “glue” themselves to paper.

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Inside-out, don’t sit down

As is goes, the life of Super Woman is never too dull – unless you are Super Woman lacking the super powers, and the invisible jet and all the super hero perks. I guess that makes me just plain woman with the occasional super?

Lately, with the beginning of a new educational pathway, I’ve been feeling less super and more exhausted with this new schedule added to the daily routine of living, working full-time, wife, mom, taxi cab. I fall asleep studying. I feel like a word junkie writing patient notes without sounding like a babbling fool throwing around medical terminology in a cascade of lists that sound more like I’m reading from a dictionary of nonsense.

This morning, coming off a weekend of sleep, school, study, write papers and repeat, the alarm clock was the last thing I wanted to interrupt my morning. I honestly let it go until the last possible minute and jumped into clothes, ripped the kids from their beds, brewed a single cup to go of coffee and ran out the door screeching to the punch clock in time before I was actually considered LATE!

On my first bathroom break, I was staring blindly at the stall door when I glanced down and …….. “OMG” came silently out of my mouth!!! In my haste of wanting more sleep on fewer hours – I had put my under wear on not only INSIDE OUT but also BACKWARDS! Granted it was dark when I got dressed but still – how tired do you have to be???

Seriously, inside out and backwards – that deserves a medal right??

Then later on, I went to sit down in the break room to drink coffee and was startled awake by laughter. The only problem with this scenario was, I don’t even remember closing my eyes?? My friend next to me said, “You weren’t snoring but “You did fart!” I was mortified! The she said, just kidding – you didn’t.

Clearly yesterday was a day that I definitely needed more rest!!


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Dinner Time Success!

Quick – Easy – Simple- and I got a thumbs up from one of the kids!

If you need a  quick side meal – you know, in a rush, short on time,
too tired, suffering from the flu, racing against the end of the world
– you get the picture! I had my youngest help with the Rice,
since you can make it in a sauce pan and in less than 20 minutes – we had dinner!

Kielbasa with Spanish Rice (Knorr Fiesta Side)

1 bag of Knorr Fiesta Side Spanish Rice
1 Kielbasa
a few shakes of salt
a few shakes of pepper
a few shakes of taco seasoning
a few shakes of garlic powder

I followed the direction on the bag for the rice. Added the extra seasoning almost at the end of the
cooking time (it cooks in 7 minutes). I added a bit more water and gave it 3 more minutes. In
a frying pan, I steamed the fully cooked Kielbasa for 5 minutes or until
heated through. Sliced and halved the meat, added it to the rice and let it stand for a
few minutes to blend the flavors.

Each kid ate it no problem ! I also added a small salad, cheese quesadilla as a side for the youngest.
Easiest, quickest meal to date. Honestly, it may not be the healthiest – but it went over
without any fussing about “ew, gross”!


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